About Us

Depawsitory is a pet store for pet lovers!

Growing up with pets of all kinds, from horses to guinea pigs to cats and dogs…we LOVE our animals. We don’t view our dogs and cats as “pets” but as our furbabies. Pete, Trixie, Emily and Lily are FAMILY and, as a family member, deserve to be pampered.

All of our products have to pass quality inspection. Pete is head of quality control, so all products need to pass the Pete’s Seal of Approval. Cat products have to pass the “Lily” test. DePawsitory knows your furbaby is family too, that’s why we believe that if we won’t let our family eat or play with our products, we won’t sell it to you!

What they need

DePawsitory carries premium pet foods by companies like Fromm, Orijen, and Zignaure. Our pet foods are fully American Made using ingredients sourced in the USA and Canada.


With products by West Paw, Fluff and Tuff, Planet Dog and PetSafe, DePawsitory carries a large assortment of EcoFriendly dog toys. Cat toys by Meowijuana and Fuzzu will provide your kitty with hours of fun. Stop in to see our full selection of toys for your furbaby.

Health & Wellness

Because your furbaby is part of your family, we believe their health is important. DePawsitory carries wellness products by Honest Paws, Terry Naturally and Honest Kitchen. We also carry full spectrum CBD specially formulated for your pooch or feline.

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We are located at 103 East College Avenue in downtown Appleton, directly across from the City Center.