Do’s and Don’ts

by Feb 25, 2020Pet Guides0 comments

Common Sense doesn’t always translate to common practice, so here are some quick reminders to help have a healthy and happy and money-saving relationship with your pet!

DO research the best pet foods. Garbage in/ garbage out!

DON’T overfeed your pet. Talk with your pet specialist about feeding guidelines.

DO make sure your pet has access to fresh water.

DON’T bathe your pet too often. Consider setting up a grooming schedule.

DO use supplements. Some breeds require supplements for hip and joint health.

DO use flea and tick repellents. Vector-borne illness, such as heartworm and Lyme’s disease can be fatal.

DO make sure your pet is active. Exercise promotes health and a tired dog is less likely to destroy your house.

DO provide your pet with plenty of toys for play, chewing, and mental stimulation.

DO investigate holistic alternatives to keep your healthy.

DO take your puppy to puppy classes. A well-behaved dog is a happy dog.

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